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A $6 Million Bondi build will stand the test of time with the widespread use of Drizoro for your next grand design construction products that helped adhere, seal and waterproof where it was needed most.

drizoro for your next grand design

Drizoro Maxseal Flex to waterproof your swimming pool

Featured in Season 7 of Grand Designs Australia, this incredible home built on the cliffs of Sydney’s Bondi Beach is a masterpiece of grand proportions. Constructed with a prodigious use of sandstone, the family home was literally dug into the steep site to rise an impressive four storeys over its lofty location, giving it unparalleled views over the ocean and that ‘holiday feel’ the homeowners were after.drizoro

Given its exposed-to-nature site, solid construction was of paramount importance on this job. A range of Drizoro construction products from Scientific Waterproofing Products (SWP) were used to give it the best chance of standing up to the elements for a long time.
Drizoro products used on the project include:

  • Drizoro Maxseal Flex |Flexible, UV stable, non-toxic (meets AS 4020) cement-based waterproofing membrane. Only applied to wet surfaces.
  • Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic | Elastomeric cement-based waterproof joint sealer. Able to withstand negative and positive water pressure. Trafficable and UV stable. Only applied to wet surfaces.
  • Drizoro Maxgrip| Quick-setting, pourable, cement-based, waterproof anchoring mortar. Only apply to wet substrate. Most effective within green concrete.
  • Sealtight Clear | Clear saturating sealer. Waterproofs and hardens porous substrates without altering texture or colour. Trafficable and UV stable.drizoro

The home’s construction, including the pool, was completed utilising Dincel, a permanent concrete-filled polymer formwork. In order to establish a cost-effective waterproofing surface on the pool, the Dincel surface was sealed and coated with Drizoro Maxseal Flex, Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic and Drizoro Maxgrip. These products also formed a cement-based substrate over the formwork to allow various architectural finishes, such as cement, acrylic render, stone cladding and paint, to be adhered where required. Finally, Sealtight Clear was used to waterproof, harden and protect porous architectural finishes such as travertine, bluestone and tile grouts from the weather extremes inherent to an urban coastal location.drizoro for your next grand design

Drizoro cement-based waterproofing products are non-toxic and suitable for all concrete surfaces, bricks, blocks, AAC panels and AAC blocks. Ideal for repairing and sealing cementitious surfaces against water penetration and can be used as a protective coating for all cementitious construction surfaces.
All Drizoro products are guaranteed for 10 years.

drizoro for your next grand design, grand designs Australia

Photography Katherine Lu

With over 25 years of industry experience, SWP are well placed to recommend the right product for your waterproofing and repair needs.
They can also recommend certified, experienced applicators.

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    Thanks to OutDoorDesign for the $6 Million Bondi build which will stand the test of time with the widespread use of Drizoro for your next grand design. Construction products that helped adhere, seal and waterproof where it was needed most.
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